Boilers, Fires and Cookers Services

Boiler Service

We can provide a full system service checking everything including Radiators, Thermostats and Controls to ensure all is working as required. This will provide peace of mind and assurances that the system is working as efficiently as possible and everything is safe.

We work on:

Boilers – Combination, System, Gas, Oil and Solid Fuel.

Fires – Flueless, Balanced, Fan Flued and Open Vented

Cookers – All types.

All of our services will be issued with a gas safety certificate and will be added to our database flagging every year regarding annual service. This takes the hassle away from you, as you know you will receive confirmation as and when the service is due.

Initial Surveys

When we carry out an initial survey we spend time discussing requirements with you and suggesting various ways of increasing the efficiency of the system. The sites of all new control systems making sure you are completely happy with the planned work. We will the explain the procedure regarding the full proposed work including areas requiring access, times, costs and anything else that will be pertinent.


Full central heating systems supplied and fitted using the best products available – Worcester, Vailiant, Baxi, Vokera, Grant.

Our engineers have a vast experience of working within private dwellings giving full consideration to the customer’s needs, explaining each stage of the job, keeping the area of work tidy, and removing all rubbish associated.

Boiler Changes

Boiler Services

We provide a full supply and install service using only the best products available incorporating gas, oil & LPG. We take great care to ensure our customers get the correct system to suit their needs.

Combination boilers

With this type of boiler, you receive hot water direct from the boiler, heated as you use it, on demand. This is a great system in the correct circumstances i.e. where there is limited demand on the hot water. It will produce approximately 13 liters per minute depending on the boiler, so this isn’t enough for a family home where various outlets are being used simultaneously.

System Boiler

A System Boiler heats up stored hot water which gives you a reservoir of hot water relevant to size of the storage cylinder but basically you can run as many outlets simultaneously until the hot water runs out e.g. 2 showers, 1 bath & various taps etc.

In summary, Combination Boilers are ideal for working couples living in flats or dwellings with one bathing facility. System Boiler are ideal for families where more than one bathroom is used at one time.

Efficiency Levels

Heating System Servicing

70% of the energy used within the home is used for heating and hot water which is a large volume of energy. If your boiler is 15 years old or more it will be roughly 50% efficient. So, for every £1 spent you are losing 50p. However, a new boiler, SEDBUK A-Rated, are around 90% efficient which means for every £1 spent you are only losing 10p.

The boiler is the heart of the home remember!


We provide a full boiler repair and boiler maintenance service, as well as full services on gas fires and cookers, providing a 24hr call out service.



Scottish Energy Solutions

Powerflushing is carried out on central heating systems to improve the efficiency of the radiators and boiler. This is done with the use of chemicals (to breakdown the sludge that has developed within the system) and a dedicated flushing machine (Fernox MK111)

It is typically accepted within the industry that the efficiency level will increase dramatically resulting in a reduction in fuel bills and of course a warmer house.



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